About Gerald Guild, PhD

I am a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a licensed psychologist, and an outdoor enthusiast.  My life spring is adventure.  I also have an insatiable curiosity that drives my keen interests in geology, astronomy, physics, evolutionary biology, and astrobiology.  I am likewise fascinated by how people think and why people believe the things that they do.  My enthusiasm for the outdoors is evidenced by my hobbies including hiking, scuba diving, photography, cycling, traveling the country with our camper, wife and puppy.  Professionally, I am retired, but I spent my career dedicated to helping young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

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  1. Wow. I have some catching up to do! I like what I’ve read so far. I’ll comment as I go 🙂

  2. Dude – got some catching up to do on the blog. Interested in a ski and dinner Thursday Feb. 10th?


  3. Powerful stuff. I will emphasize even more the importance of stimulation to the parents of my young patients…Vinny

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