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In this Blog I will explore human thought processes – including erroneous ones – as well as interesting science and critical thinking. I have an intense interest in why people think the way they do.  Additionally, I am keenly interested in science, particularly as it relates to how the world works (geology, physics, astronomy, evolutionary biology).  And from these interests has risen a fascination with skepticism.  These are linked together because how the world works (based on evidence) and how people think the world works (based on faith) are vastly divergent.  This absolutely fascinates me.  Ultimately, I hope to provide:

  • An exploration of Erroneous Thought Processes
  • A discussion of the interplay between thoughts and happiness
  • An exploration of Skepticism
  • A discussion of the interplay between science and thought

The title of my blog is actually open to two interpretations.  The first is “How Do You Think?” with emphasis on the How.  In other words it is an exploration of HOW thought happens.  The second is and exploration of how things work, whereas the title is an abbreviation of the question “How do you think that happens or works?”


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  1. Gerald,
    When I saw the title of your blog, I immediately thought that I should let you know about Bruce Hood’s site. However, I see that you already have him on your blogroll. His book is a great read.

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